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Bull and Badger Chicane in Car Park

November 2nd, 2009 9 comments

UPDATE ; We thank everybody for your comments as soon as we can get intouch with the Green king brewery we will be putting it on the website in the mean time you will be able to practice your 94 point turns thank you all and keep the comments coming spread the name of the website so we can start properly looking after the residents of killamarsh and giving them the PROPER information.

UPDATE ; The Greene king brewery have been out to view the car park and they have said on monday 18 aug they will be coming to put it right so you can drive in so all those that complained please keep an eye on the proceedings you may now be able to turn into the car park and go straight to the stop and shop without gear crunching thanx to everybody that complained keep them coming in this is what we need.

UPDATE; The Greene King brewery has now done modifications to the car park and you will find it a lot easier to get to the stop and shop and takeaway. We at rroka would like to thank Greene king for there prompt tackling of the car park and there stand on stopping the joy riders and drug pushers.

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Bus shelters in killamarsh

November 2nd, 2009 18 comments

bus-shelterThe bus shelters in killamarsh look like something out of Beirut.What happened to the councils regeneration of killamarsh people have to stand under these and get wet. A number of years ago these shelters were hailed as vandal proof in the leader news paper and would save the people of killamarsh thousands in less maintanance the only way the council have saved money is dont maintain them please comment.

UPDATE; The council have now said there is going to be 4, yes FOUR new bus shelters built so please watch this space.

UPDATE ; 27/05/2009 We have had an email from the council and they state the bus shelters have been passed for being rebuilt ,what this means we dont know so we are investigating it .They said they had not got permission from the land owners but if the shelter is allready there why do they need permission we think it is slowing down tactics so they dont have to spend the money. comments please

UPDATE ; 19/06/2009 Thank you for all your emails we are pleased to say that work has started on the bus shelters, it just goes to show a little bit of persuasion can go a long way. We would like to thank Natascha Engel for keeping us informed and sending emails to the parish council and thank Paul Harding for his part in informing us. It may not be to everybodies liking but it will certainly tidy killamarsh up and make it look a little more presentable even if they are knocked down. It is no good looking at the new flower pots on the end of Kirkcroft lane which are quite nice, thencasting a sorry eye to the bus shelter on the other side. thanks again for the emails. I will enclose an email for you to read it is from the council:
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Fly tipping on garages at back of Chandos crescent

September 17th, 2008 Comments off

This is a photo of somebodies fly tipping rubbish this costs us all to remove it why does’nt the council do anything about it if people in the street can see it why cant the council please send more photos of fly tipping. This apparently has been there months.

UPDATE: Thank you for the complaints about the fly tipping we got intouch with the council and they promptly got rid of it within the first week sorry for the delay in answering all your emails only the website has been down

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