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Midland destruction

September 27th, 2015 Comments off

WP_20150926_002  Midland shuttered up another piece of old killamarsh going under.

Same is going to happen to this as what happened to the midland station and the westthorpe mining museum . There should have been a mining museum with the railway going round rother valley also the station (which we did say if they started taking it down it would be left in a big heap which has come true) the station should have been made into a Victorian style café for all the walkers and cyclists to sit and enjoy a drink, we put this suggestion forward more than 12 years ago but nothing done, for some reason we need more houses with no infrastructure in place so chaos will prevail in the end. The state of Sheffield road shops now look like something from bladerunner now people see this and drive straight through. The only thing left for the heritage of killamarsh is the church and no doubt the council will have eyes on that to turn it into a hairdressers, tanning booth, another curry house, Chinese, pizza house, or chip shop. We have now become a laughing stock,  the cholesterol capitol of Derbyshire its ok having a good haircut nice tan but die early of obesity. One good thing, we’ll all be the best groomed corpses in the graveyard .

PS we have heard planning for forty houses on the midland site to join up with the walkers scrapyard project

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White city

May 27th, 2015 Comments off

People asking for council to brick up the outside of council houses to make them look better and so people can have more pride in the way there houses are kept this could be the way forward to stop killamarsh looking like it does with litter and bad gardens if the council don’t care people don’t care.

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Harworth estates sign

November 4th, 2011 Comments off

   Harworth estates sign notice they have purchased agricultural land if they change it to building land this is called profiteering and everybody else should have been given the chance to buy there own plot to build on no body was informed and should have been given the chance to buy cheap land then have the use changed some double dealings we think








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Campaign to stop the destruction of Killamarsh as a village

June 22nd, 2011 Comments off

We are now looking for people to campaign to keep killamarsh as a village, at the meeting tonight 22/06/2011 there is plans to build at least 1600 houses some on the old Highmoor colliery  and westhorpe tip site which by the way councillor Charles has said there would be no building on it.  As you know the policing in Killamarsh is next to non existant so when more houses are built it will be non existant the roads are not equiped for this amount of houses. Lets hope it does’nt fall into the waterthorpe syndrome move people in from other areas and watch the violence erupt like it did in the seventies and eighties on waterthorpe. If the houses were being build for killamarsh folk why build so many, we should have the canal  reinstated and bring calm and tourist prosperity to a run down village not make a ghetto within a ghetto.  Please email and keep your eyes and ears open it will effect us all you cannot put any more in a full dustbin. You may think  our methods are draconian but we have lived here all our lives and can see it falling to bits. If only Harworths new what was under the old pit tip.

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Regeneration of killamarsh (your having a laugh)

September 2nd, 2009 19 comments

The so called regeneration of killamarsh consists of closing the bank so people do there banking in eckington or crystal  peaks closing the wade and madins garage so residents have to use petrol to get petrol. The building of houses on the old canal so when if the canal ever comes to killamarsh it will have to be re-routed. Also the closing down of the kwiksave and the parkside looking like a disused no go area.

The regeneration does not seem to be working the walls built around the shops have still not been fixed. Comments please

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Midland Station preservation

September 2nd, 2009 Comments off

midland-stationWhy have we got to build houses on the only old thing left in killamarsh (midland station) this is the only thing they have’nt knocked down yet, that, is left of old killamarsh, why not turn it into a cafe for the walkers and cyclists that use the black train path on the way to rother valley, no more houses please . comments welcome

Whats happening with the Station

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