RROKA (Real Residents of Killamarsh Association) is a body of residents with the aim to raise antisocial or environmental issues from Killamarsh and the surrounding areas to the appropriate authorities. This locally recognised organisation will hopefully carry more weight in pursuing these issues that remain often unresolved when reported by a single complainant.

RROKA aims to:

  • Accept reports of concerns from residents of Killamarsh and the surrounding areas, publishing appropriate reports on RROKA.com and disclosing key facts of those issues.
  • Investigate reported issues and contact the relevant authorities or bodies, whilst updating the public and the complainant through the website and reporting structure.
  • Provide a medium for discussion on topics of concern in the local community.

Please feel free to submit your individual concern for investigation. Issues will be posted here with any correspondence initiated, responses received and remedial action proposed.

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